System benefits

The space where the Igniagreen system is installed and those that pass through it will enjoy numerous benefits, including:


Energy savings due to thermal insulation of terraces and roofs: reducing the amount of sunshine in the summer and retaining heat in the winter.

Flood prevention through the absorption of rainwater, reduced runoff and delayed flow into the sewage network.
Vegetation provides sound insulation by muffling sound.
The urban heat island effect is reduced, as the building absorbs less heat.
Improved air quality, as plants help filter pollution and replenish the air.
Creates habitats for wildlife and conserves biodiversity.
Roof and terrace deterioration is prevented, decreasing their exposure to atmospheric phenomena.
Increased efficiency of solar panels through the generation of a microclimate that locally decreases indoor temperature.

Thanks to the features of the system, installation of IGNIAGREEN offers the following benefits:


Extremely simple and easy assembly with no tools required.

Modules that can be independently removed and interchanged facilitate maintenance.

Built-in irrigation with an automatic watering option, essential for installation in areas with a Mediterranean climate.

Differential irrigation: plants with different watering needs can be planted along the same dripline.

Green from the start. Plug-and-play system.
Reservoir system for storing rainwater.

For extensive (IGNIAGREEN-15), semi-intensive (IGNIAGREEN-20) and intensive (IGNIAGREEN-35) coverage.

Borders available in different materials adapted to the system.

Vandal-proof elements for installation on public roads.

A green roof with Igniagreen – there’s no better thermal insulation!

The company Eix Verd, in collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Science and Building Technology Group and the Materials Laboratory of the Barcelona School of Building Construction, both part of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya-BarcelonaTech, undertook a research project entitled “Mercè Rodoreda Experimental Roof” on a Ciutadella campus building at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. The project consisted in comparing different building solutions for green roofs and analysing their thermal insulation performance.

IGNIAGREEN was found to provide the best insulation solution during the hottest months of the year.

System elements



Reservoir module made from 100% recycled and recyclable polypropylene., with a capacity for 2.5 litres of water.

IGNIAQUA allow to place different watering systems: tubing with embedded drip tubing, perforated drip tubing, drip tape and porous tubing. The inner tubing must be Ø 16 mm, and the tubing situated in the peripheral channel can be Ø 16 mm or 20 mm.

IGNIACLACK 15, 20, 35

Plant container module of 40×40 cm for the substrate and the plant made from recycled and recyclable polypropylene. Has been designed with a series of lengthwise openings in the lower section, in order to absorb the water from the Igniaqua module and prevent roots from passing through.

IGNIACLACK-15: height of 15cm, capacity for 15l. of substrate. For extensive coverage.

IGNIACLACK-20: height of 20cm, capacity for 22l. of substrate. For semi-intensive coverage.

IGNIACLACK-35: height of 35cm, capacity fore 39l. of substrate. For intensive coverage.



Key-lock system that both laterally attaches the IGNIACLACK modules and vertically mounts the IGNIAQUA modules. The system can be attached by screws or rivets for installation on public roads.


The watering system is housed between the two modules in such a way that it is hidden by the vegetation. Although the modules are designed to accommodate different watering systems, IGNIAGREEN recommends using Ø 16 mm polyethylene (PE) tubing with pressure-compensating drippers, two per IGNIAQUA module, a maximum working pressure of 3 atm and ≤ 130 micron disc filters. Differential irrigation is possible with the pressure-compensating drippers.

Since the volume of the IGNIAQUA module is measured users can calculate how long it takes to fill with drippers at different flow rates, perfect for installing a programmer to ensure that not even a single drop of water is wasted.

Smart sensor Ignio


IGNIO is the perfect plant keeper. It is a sensor that sends alerts to help do the gardening. It comes with a solenoid valve that combined with the modular Igniagreen system results in a totally standalone and efficient watering system. IGNIO also sends visual alerts in the event of:

Lack of water
Excess salts
Lack of nutrients

IGNIO is able to measure the level of humidity in the substrate and if it detects levels lower than that set by the user, it will send a command to open the solenoid valve and add just the right amount of water to fill the tank module in the Igniagreen system, without wasting a single drop. Unlike an automatic watering system, IGNIO only gives the command to water if it detects a lack of humidity in the substrate.

The IGNIO sensor does not need a power supply as it runs on batteries, thus making it easy to install and maintain. It is a robust, efficient system that can be configured from a selector and screen, and that keeps users informed about what their gardens need. IGNIO, THE PERFECT PLANT KEEPER.

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