IGNIAGREEN designs and manufactures environmentally friendly solutions to create horizontal and vertical green spaces in urban areas, ​with quick and easy assembly,​ and minimal maintenance.

Igniagreen is a brand of SACOPA, S.A.U., from the holding company, Fluidra, a multinational group dedicated to developing applications for the sustainable use of water. Fluidra operates in more than 45 countries through its 160 delegations, and has production centres on all continents. The group has 4,300 employees.

Projects and distribution

Burés S.A.U.

Tel: +34 699 428 654
E-mail: tcc@buressa.com
Address: Camí de les Ràfoles, s/n – 08830 Sant Boi de LLobregat. Barcelona (Spain)
Web: www.buressa.com

Igniagreen Benfits


Transforms urban surfaces into green areas of minimal maintenance in an easy, fast and with modular systems

Automatic and efficient irrigation

Absorption of rainwater

Energy saving

Conserves biodiversity

Thermal isolation

Sound insulation

Improves air quality

Prevents the deterioration of roofs and terraces.

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