By 2 June, 2017news

The 2017 Barcelona Building Construmat trade fair was held last week. As a major event in the building sector, it attracted more than 800 exhibitors and professionals from the sector, including architects, engineers, builders and other experts.

Igniagreen was one of the exhibitors at the trade fair, where it presented the new Biofiver panel for vertical gardens, an enhanced, industrialised version of the system patented by the Madrid-based company Vertiarte. The product aroused great interest amongst the visitors.

 Igniagreen likewise displayed its modular system with its built-in tank and watering system for landscaping paved surfaces, in addition to its new Cultiva Wall range of luminaires, specifically created for lighting up vertical gardens. All of the products were displayed on the company’s stand.

Over the four days that Construmat lasted, numerous conferences and round-table discussions were held that dealt with current trends in the construction sector, and that concentrated on three main themes: innovation, social housing and circular economy.

 Alberto del Hoyo, Igniagreen’s product manager, gave a talk called “The Green Conquest of Cities”. He discussed the upsurge in green roofs and vertical gardens in big cities and placed special emphasis on the numerous benefits that these solutions bring, about which the general public is unaware.

Innovation: the main focus of the 20th edition of Construmat
This year’s edition focused on innovation and digitalisation as tools for transforming the sector. 3D printers and interconnected houses were some of the new features of this event, which celebrated its 20th anniversary this year.

 According to the figures released by the event organisers, Construmat had 33% more exhibitors than in the last edition, held in 2015. Furthermore, after years of economic crisis, Construmat had more exhibition space than in previous editions.