By 10 July, 2017news

Can you imagine growing lettuces, tomatoes and carrots on your terrace, rooftop or balcony and then eating a delicious salad harvested by you? Although this may seem impossible, you don’t have to live in the country or mountains to have a kitchen garden. This option is now viable in cities thanks to urban kitchen gardens.

People are increasingly attuned to nature but also to healthy food, so some have decided to take advantage of any paved surface to turn it into a green space. Green rooftops and urban kitchen gardens have become the latest thing in sustainable building in cities.
As we explained in this post, the benefits of urban kitchen gardens are boundless. Growing a kitchen garden helps you to relax, in addition to giving you the satisfaction of eating fresh vegetables that you have looked after day after day. If you are thinking about creating a kitchen garden on your balcony or terrace, Igniagreen’s system makes it very easy to do so.

The best kitchen garden thanks to Igniagreen

With this system, you will be able to build your own kitchen garden easily without the need for any building work. What’s more, it has a totally efficient watering system that does not waste a single drop of water and that can store rainwater. Another advantage is that the standalone modules are removable and interchangeable, so you can design your kitchen garden to your taste and requirements.

We recently presented one of our latest projects made using this system. It is a kitchen garden on the terrace of the food store Ca l’Arpellot in Manresa (Barcelona). On this occasion, we set up a total of 188 Igniagreen-20 modules, where different varieties of lettuce, onion, chard, spinach and other vegetables were planted. The owners of the establishment have thus given a new lease of life to this terrace by turning it into a green space.

If you are thinking of installing a kitchen garden or if you have any ideas for greening any paved surface, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you!